What Does ISA Means in Real Estates?

ISA stands for Inside Sales Agent. These are people who are highly trained and experienced in making sales and selling the visions and goals of a company to prospective customers and clients. The ISA spends most of his/her time on the phone, and so a company should appoint somebody who will be comfortable engaging with new different people on the phone. ISAs have the responsibility of looking for new leads, searching for more contacts from the internet and newspapers to speak to, and converting these calls into appointments that have the potential of landing clients. The points below explain in details the five must-have traits of an effective Inside Sales Agent.

1. Possession of Uncommon Tenacity
An inside sales agent should not be easily discouraged when rejected by a potential customer. An ISA is supposed to be so motivated that he/she takes rejection as a challenge and continually works hard to conquer it. Most customers usually say no in the first place, but when they discover that the ISA has a unique unwavering resolve, they change their minds and listen to what the ISA is saying. In this manner, a sales agent can land a customer who was not willing to listen to him/her.

2. The ISA Should Have a Calm Voice
It is vital that an ISA possesses a pleasant voice that will easily convince potential clients. ISAs that make customers feel calm and relaxed have higher chances of getting appointments with the clients. On the other hand, clients usually find it hard to book appointments with ISAs that sound rough in their conversations. Employees should monitor the way their ISAs are communicating with potential clients to be in a position to decide whether to retain or fire them.

3. Possession of an Unwavering Curiosity
An unwavering curiosity is very crucial because it motivates one to action and pushes away laziness. Effective ISAs should be willing to go the extra mile of looking for more new leads and trying multiple times to make contacts with difficult clients. For example, when an ISA finds incorrect contacts in the database, he should not just ignore them. The ISA should be driven by curiosity to try and get a connection that can give him/her a good contact of the same client.

4. Possession of Excellent Listening Skills
An ISA that does not give a potential client enough time to speak is doomed to fail. Clients are very particular when it comes to selecting the people they are willing to talk to. Clients tend to open up more to sales agents that are patient with them as they speak. On the other hand, ISAs that are not patient with clients and keep interrupting them as they speak are a huge turn-off. An ISA that listens more makes more sales.

5. Ability to Pay Attention to Details
ISAs that write down dates that clients promise to respond and then follow up on them to make sure they do so tend to make more sales. A right ISA should, therefore, be able to keep track of listings and the promises the customers make. Customers tend to respond more to sales agents that seem concerned about commitments and dates.

It is therefore mandatory that the inside sales agent real estate possesses the above vital attributes so as to raise the number of sales with a significant margin.

How to Use Instagram For Business

Instagram currently is arguably the best social media platform for business. It attracts approximately 700 million users monthly and at least 200 million users visit more than one business profile daily. Therefore, in case you are starting out on using Instagram for business or you are looking on ways to re-strategize your business, Instagram is the best platform. Here is all you need to know about Instagram for business.

1. Create an Instagram business account The first step to using Instagram for business is creating a business account. A business profile lets your users easily find your business. Before the introduction of business profiles, the only way your followers would interact with you was by clicking on to your external website or email. This is the best way you get real Instagram followers on your Instagram business account.

2. Showcase your business in a credible way One way you could get your business account to have a considerable number of followers is by including creativity in your posts. Ensure that what you post on the account adds value to the users, otherwise, they will have no reason to visit your account. You have to do this in a creative and sometimes humorous way. Sine the most powerful asset on Instagram is visual content, ensure that you maximize on it and that the product is of high quality so that it is easily noticeable. No one would want to view a not-so-clear picture. So ensure you score high on visual content.

3. Try using Instagram stories Instagram stories are a perfect way to showcase your business in a slideshow format. Sometimes the clients want to view the behind-the-scenes of the products or how the products came to be. Instagram stories are the perfect place to place these scenes as well as other important images that would be important for the customer. These stories are displayed for only 24 hours before they disappear. It is advisable that you place as many stories as you wish as long as they are relevant to the user. You can use this feature to target new users.

4. Create an engaging profile If you want to score high on Instagram for business, you need to have a captivating profile. Your profile photo should match your business. I could be a logo of your business or a product you are selling. Your bio should also be in line with your business. Don’t be afraid to include tags or emoji that fits your business. It is the current way users will identify with your account. You can also include a working phone number or an email address on your bio.

5. Use hashtags to boost your leads Hashtags are a good way to market your business or your account. It makes it easy for users to fund your account and business. Therefore, where possible, include hashtags

related to your business on al images you post on your account. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post but It is advisable that you use three to five.

Conclusion Instagram for business is a good way to promote your business and if you are good at operating a business account, you could experience a boost in your lead generation that leads into sales. There is no better way of doing this than using the above methods.