Top 3 Airport Lounges in the World

Are you on the hunt for the best airport lounges in the world to start your vacation in style? Pick from our top three favorite airport lounges to enjoy, unwind and relax in absolute luxury. Just make sure that you’re not having such a great time that you miss your flight. But they will keep you updated with all the takeoff info you need to guarantee that does not happen.

We have chosen our list of the best airport lounges based not only on the amenities they provide but the sense of relaxing awe and overall atmosphere, which they inspire. So if you think of parking Dublin airport, flat screen televisions, leather sofas, an open bar, and free wireless internet when you think of an airport lounge, then prepare to be amazed.

So an airport lounge is no longer somewhere to kill time in peace and quiet, it can become a relaxing and rejuvenating part of your journey. Here are the creme de la creme of airport lounges worldwide:

Upper-Class Clubhouse

Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3, London

Created by Virgin Atlantic; when it boils down to keeping you tickled, there is no place like the Upper-Class Clubhouse. With everything from full-size cinema rooms, to retro video games consoles and pool tables, there is a lot to make sure you have an enjoyable stay.

If you need to look your very best for when you arrive there is a hair salon and a spa while business travelers will undoubtedly be keen to use the library and office with Wi-Fi and quietly secluded workstations. And when work and play are done, why not relax with a drink in the rooftop garden of the observation deck?

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The Pier

Hong Kong Airport, Gates 62-66, Hong Kong

One of Cathay Pacific’ best lounges, The Pier is famous for its irresistible plush leather armchairs and daybreak rooms. Just sit back and lighten up as HD TVs provide on-demand viewing while waiters attend to your every need, including a wakeup call to make sure that you don’t miss your flight.

Even better, there is an assortment of dining areas with everything from the finest dining to your favorite noodle bars. But most of all The Pier is quiet, cozy and clean, which is perfect if you are traveling on business.

Flagship Lounge

JFK Airport, Concourse B, Terminal 8, New York City

Last but not least is the Flagship Lounge, one of the largest luxury airport lounges worldwide. In spite of the splendor of its sheer size, you still have access to a beautifully quiet work space and a modern cafe with high-speed wireless internet.


Warmly lit and elegantly styled to soothe you into a relaxing mood, the Flagship Lounge also provides HD TVs, liquors and wines, food, showers and essentially everything you could ever need to relax. However, access is restricted to Business Class and First Class passengers. But you certainly do get what you pay for.


So the next time you plan to fly, think about rejuvenating and relaxing before and after in one of these premier airport lounges. Because too often we’re so preoccupied with the destination, that we forget the journey.

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