You Are What You Wear


Clothes reveal a lot about us. They may show the mood and also the personality. Fashion statements by other people show a lot of class and elegance. In our today’s world, our outfit is meant to be a social shield. You will get either a good or bad judgment from your clothing. When you dress well, you will be able to walk in confidence. A bad outfit will limit your self-esteem. However, there is freedom in fashion. People should, therefore, embrace their outfit as they like. You can add some fashion sense by wearing 59fifty custom hats. To create a great wardrobe, you can do the following.

Wear clothes that are fitting

You should wear clothes that fit you well. Baggy clothes are not the best to wear. When you dress in well-fitting clothes you will feel more confident. You will look smart and also comfortable. Tight clothes are uncomfortable when you need to bend. They might even tear apart.

Dress in colors that flatter you

Knowing the best colors according to your hair and skin tone is important. Colors that are neutral include white and black. Colors are also different from the type of weather. You should, therefore, look for outfits that make your complexion pop. Some colors look great on everyone. These colors are purple, red, mellow rose and teal. Good colors also show your mood. You should wear clothes so as to symbolize how you are feeling. 59fifty custom hats come in various colors that you can choose from.

Accessorize with the right jewelry

By wearing the right jewelry you will have an awesome look. A nice wristwatch or necklace completes your look. The best earrings will accentuate your fashion. It is important to look elegant with the accessories you have. It is therefore vital to select the best when you are buying them.

Use makeup that suits you

Makeup is part of our dressing. It completes the wardrobe so as to look amazing. By using the right makeup you will be able to feel good. There are different makeups for various skin tones. Many makeup artists are aware of this. When you need to buy them, you have to make sure that they are the right one for you. Makeup that matches your face will leave you looking and feeling beautiful.

Wear comfortable shoes

Shoes always tell a lot about us. If you can well in heels you can go ahead. However, if that is a problem, don’t wear high heels. You can still wear low heel shoes and look great. The shoes should also be clean to look presentable. Cleanliness is crucial also with shoes. Comfort helps you to walk to places you need to go to. You will be flexible to walk because you are at ease.

Donate clothes you don’t need

When you have too many clothes you tend to get confused. You might end up picking the wrong one to wear. It will also limit you from purchasing the latest designs. When you make room, you get new ones.



Outfits should make you sophisticated and classy. Comfort is also great when choosing what to wear. To have a great fashion, you should wear everything in the right way. You should not overdo fashion. Being calm in what you wear will help you go a long way in being smart.